DRITrack v2.1 Interface Software

   The DRIACS-G2 is a stand alone controller, means a PC is not required for operate. Never the less those who want to manage the controller remotly had in the past some lmitations. Hannes introduce ASCII caracters to access the controller via a telnet connection, very simple commands but with the limitations of a telnet connection.

The DRITRack V2.1 is a software interface for Windows OS Systems, the software execute behing his graphic interface the ASCII commands integrated on the firmware. In that way configure and operate the controller is possible as remote operation, your controller is interfaced with your PC, then you just need to connect your PC via Internet with any kind of remote desktop software like TeamViewer, Windows RDP, NetOp etc.

The controller don't need any PC, all mathematical calculations happens inside the controller microprocessor, DRITrack is just "a interface" to link the stand-alone controller with internet via a PC. Is a perfect tool if you operate a remote station.
A "FREE" software for DRIACS-G2 owners

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