EME and Weak signal communication
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- A new UADC4 batch (20 units) comming soon, this will be the last batch (Feb 2021 to confirm)

- Next IQ+ revB and C batch (20 units) available in Jan 2021 (14 units are sold, 6 available)

- The AnTrack-Pro, a new Antenna Control System is in the latest phase of development

- The IQ+ Pro, a complete new Dual channel receiver with extended performance could be available in 2022 (or not,             depending if the design progress or not within the next 24 months).
   Will include the UADC4 ADC in the same circuit, better IQ mixer (10 to 15dB better Dynamic range and at least 20dB            better IP2)

- Retired products due obsolescence: DRIACS-G2 OE5JFL Antenna Controller, SIGP-1, DRIGPS and DriTrack software
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update 15.10.2020