EME and Weak signal communication
Software for Adaptive Polarization
Software for IQ+

We have two software requirements for IQ+: LO control and front end and data processing.
For LO control IQ+ support Linrad as the default software for Adaptive polarization, at the moment no other software is doing adaptive polarization, someones have "diversity" functionality but they are oriented mostly for the HF bands (below 30MHz).

For processing the information Linrad still the facto software for CW and for digital (JT65) will be MAP65.

The LO in IQ+ is based on the free USB AVR Code by Tom Baier (DG8SAQ) who used it in his own SI570 board. The IQ+ LO use the firmware from PE0FKO v 15.14 and to configure the firmware there is a Windows configuration tool CFGSR.

The CFGSR tool will allow you to configure most parameters on your Si570BBB chip but we don't recomend to play with this tool if you don't have the properly knowhow. Unexpected behaivors or even damage on the chip colud happens with and improper operation.

By defualt Linrad (v. 3,22) supoport radios with the Si570 chip,the configuration routine will allow you to setup the properly parameters:

Existi at leas 10 different software capable to manage the Si570, but not all can do that job properlly, they need to be compatible with the PE0FKO firmware v15.14 or early.

After one month implemented in HB9Q we didn't detect any issue regarding the software. The big advantege in Linrad v3.22 is the option to select Multiplier values with 6 decimals, this will help you to calibrate your LO and run  in "cero beat".

Any other software capable to control the Si570 chip will work but only in single channel configuration. For that reason don't make sense to extend the support to software with no Adaptive polarization capability. Exist a lot of space for experimental integration with any software with Si570 LO support.